Golden Moments

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There are moments from this life, moments that now feel like signposts on the path, that in memories have a certain quality — I have called them “golden moments” before. Something came up about these moments last night.

In a swirl of sitting with the OA and seeing @nvpkp’s threadapalooza, it struck me these moments are “out of time”, out of the ordinary day-to-day, are a part of touching Uji, touching satori. The past and present are no different. And not only out of time in this lifetime.

The thinning of the veil happening here is happening everywhere; even between lifetimes, maybe even between simultaneous lifetimes these golden moments are signposts, nodes on the path of our multiverses, forks in the road of all we have done and will do.

We are seeing reflections across all of our lifetimes, seeing things that we have seen and will see and eventually, we will realize these are all the time, everywhere. That the golden moments can be every moment.