The Mountain Whereon the Tiger Roams

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February 24, 2021

Something that came up in a dream the other night, about a line from the Rules for Meditation: “If you become thus utterly free you will be as the water wherein the dragon dwells or as the mountain whereon the tiger roams.”

What I saw was that I had been focusing on the water, on the mountain — “The Mountain whereon the tiger roams” — what came then was a change — “The Mountain Whereon The Tiger Roams”, and even “THE MOUNTAIN WHEREON THE TIGER ROAMS!”

In other words, if I can find them — in this practice there is stillness, and there is activity. We are not just as the mountain, but As The Mountain Whereon The Tiger Roams! Not just as the water, but As The Water Wherein The Dragon Dwells!

I hope I’ve done some justice to what I’m attempting to express.