Luna Moth

Actias luna

My Species Story

My first iNaturalist observation of a Luna Moth is from 2014, long before I started using iNaturalist and long before I started really caring about the more-than-human world in general.

They're one of those beings that catch your eye even when your eyes are usually closed to the bug world. Big, beautiful, bright green and that elegant shape, with a long curling tail.

Most recently I saw 10 of these beauties in one night at the famous Allen Acres while there for an Edible Plants workshop. The header image above is one of those. Most of the Lunas I've seen have been from Allen Acres, though my first was at my old house in Baton Rouge and I've seen one living one at the Landry Property.

Last updated April 3, 2024


A great webinar about moths and their defenses, including Luna Moth tails: