American Beautyberry

Callicarpa americana

My Species Story

Beautyberry, aka French Mulberry, is a beautiful plant native to the southeastern United States with soft, light green, opposite leaves and growing clusters shiny, deep purple berries that persist through the Fall. It blooms in small clusters of pink flowers in late Spring.

I first fell in love with Beautyberry after seeing the beautiful purple berries in my mom's garden. It certainly lived up to its name! If I'd seen it before we moved to Oregon I don't remember or wasn't aware enough to realize it, but now I was eager to see it again.

When we moved out to the Landry Property, suddenly I was surrounded by it. It absolutely thrives in understory here in just about every part of the property, especially along the edges. There are specimens of all shapes and sizes, and if I had my way there would be some at the base of almost every tree as the foundation for the native landscaping.

In April 2024, I potted and transplanted a few small plants and that has been a big success so far. I hope to pot some more and possibly gift them to any local takers, and expand their presence at the Landry Property as much as I can.


Landry Property

Beautyberry thrives in the understory here in every part of the property that isn't regularly mowed. There are some huge specimens behind the Big House, and others of all shapes and sizes along the edge of the woods.