Carolina Buckthorn

Frangula caroliniana

My Species Story

This is one of my favorite Louisiana natives.

I first encountered this handsome little understory shrub or small tree along the western edge of the Landry Property, with its unique, deeply-veined evergreen leaves, still dark green even in late January. It wasn't everywhere like the Beautyberry, but it had its place at the base of some trees and tucked into the edge, obviously planted by birds over the years.

I would dare call it an elegant plant, with its long, leaning stems and airy appearance giving it almost an understated beauty among the more tangled and busy shrubs that often encounter these sorts of boundaries. It's one that I would love to encourage just about everywhere in the more upland spaces on the property.


Landry Property

Found along the forest edge, particular along the edge of the West Woods — the western edge of the property.