Yellow Jessamine

Gelsemium sempervirens

My Species Story

A buttery gold beauty of the transition from Winter to Spring.

One of the first big blooms of the year, this evergreen vine climbs to find the sun and pops with yellow, usually peaking in February. The highly-toxic blooms smell wonderful, like a bright clean buttery soap.

I first saw this one at the Landry Property and as I write this, there is maybe more of this fragrant delight topping small shrubs and trees around the property than I've ever seen. It's been a treat to be alerted to a new clump of it by smell before spotting it with my eyes.

Last updated February 29, 2023


Landry Property

As of 2024, Jessamine can be found just about everywhere you go around the property, particularly at the tops of many of the larger Yaupon Hollies. The Old Pond Meadow probably has the largest specimen, who seems to have spread to the nearby line of shrubs growing along the drainage ditch.