Mulberry 1

Morus rubra (1)


Purchased from Clegg's in Denham Springs in April 2022 and planted a few weeks later after much hemming and hawing on my part about where it and its partner Mulberry 2 should go in the yard.

This one is planted near the Pond, out in the main yard area. Sadly it's in a patch of mostly clay soil, backfill from the spoils of the pond used to elevate the height of the entire yard. I planted it a bit higher than it should have been, possibly, because I got some mixed advice on how to plant a tree.

Despite all that it's done really well so far, at least as far as I can tell. The Spring of 2024 produced its best crop so far, and it's really feeling like a proper tree these days. It does struggle with brown and spotty leaves after it finishes fruiting and I'm just wondering if it needs some kind of compost/fertilizer treatment to make up for that weak soil.

Along with its partner Mulberry 2, these both came from the wholesaler Bracy's and so their actual provenance as Red Mulberries is questionable. They are likely either fully White Mulberry or a hybrid. For historic purposes, I'll keep referring to them as Red Mulberries, and because I think Mulberry 3 might actually be one.