Carolina Laurelcherry

Prunus caroliniana

My Species Story

I wasn't familiar with this one until we moved to the Landry Property, and it quickly became one of my favorite native understory treasures.

There's quite a bit on the Landry Property, including one large one along the driveway as you enter the property, and a very large one along the South Woods Trail that probably gets to 20-25 feet tall.

It has beautiful, shiny dark evergreen leaves and is one of the earliest shrubs to flower in south Louisiana, with clusters of white flowers on nearly every branch that gets good sunlights. It's purplish fruit hangs on through the winter and is great food for the local animals. A perfect native to use as an ornamental instead of privet.


Landry Property

Several large specimens on the property, including one on the left of the driveway as you enter the property, and a very large one on the South Woods trail that is 20-25 feet tall.

Many young plants throughout the understory. If I had my way there would be one at the base of every other tree in the Driveway Woods — along with some American Beautyberry. The other trees would get a Sweetleaf — another native evergreen that is thriving on the property.